What Does Reconditioned Mean?

ReconditionedPower is another division of our company, Woodland Power Products. The units sold at ReconditionedPower are used in our field testing or returned to us during a customer's 12-Month Risk-Free Trial. We only select the best of the best of these units and ensure they have very few hours of use on them.
All Cyclone Rakes are reconditioned by a division of our manufacturing team. Some may have slight cosmetic issues, such as scratches and dings, but they won’t affect the performance of the Reconditioned Cyclone Rake. The parts used to recondition the Rake will be new or spare. If the parts are not up to our standards, we will replace them with new parts. If the unit is not up to our standards, but the parts are still in great condition, we will re-use those parts.
The Reconditioned Cyclone Rakes are sold as is. No substitutions are available. However, if you need additional accessories, you can do so at CycloneRake.com!
To ensure that your mower or tractor is compatible with a certain Reconditioned Cyclone Rake, reply with the make, full model number, and deck size of the mower/tractor that you will use.

What is the Difference between PVC and Urethane?

Tuff-PRO Urethane Super Leaf vacuum hose is the highest-grade hose material you can buy. It was developed for commercial users, but it’s a great option for all Reconditioned Cyclone Rake owners. It’s extruded from an industrial-grade urethane polymer that is 20 times more abrasion resistant than standard PVC hose material. Tuff-PRO hoses offer added puncture and tear resistance with improved protection from damaging UV rays or gasoline spills. These features make the Urethane hoses more suitable for picking up harsh debris like nuts, acorns, pinecones, etc.

Additionally, PVC hoses are more flexible but less durable. On the other hand, Urethane is less flexible but more durable. The PVC hoses are great for everyday cleanup jobs. However, if you intend to give your Reconditioned Cyclone Rake a real workout, Tuff-PRO hoses are a smart investment.

What is the Blue Diamond Liner?

The Blue Diamond Liner is an upgrade to the standard liner that lives inside the Blower Housing of your Reconditioned Cyclone Rake. It’s 6 times stronger and more abrasion resistant than the standard steel liner, so it's a great additional layer of protection for your Reconditioned Cyclone Rake against hard and abrasive debris.

What is the Dual Pin Hitch?

One of the great things about Reconditioned Cyclone Rakes is that we use a dual-pin hitch to connect to the rear of your mower. This means that it’s connecting in two spots which creates a rigid mount. This is super important for a few different reasons. One is that it makes it impossible for the Rake to jackknife behind your mower when you’re backing up.

The second is that it allows us to use the shortest, and straightest length of deck hose possible to avoid any opportunity for clogging that can be caused by long hoses with bends in them. We have many different varieties of this dual-pin hitch to accommodate hundreds of different mowers. That includes a zero-turn mower!

What Accessories Do We Offer?

We offer a wide variety of upgrades and accessories to make caring for your property easier and give you extra protection depending on your specific conditions. We like to give our customers as many choices as possible to get the perfect setup for their needs. For this reason, we offer our upgrades and accessories on an a la carte basis. You can check them out on this PAGE

How do you Certify and Recondition the Cyclone Rake?

At Woodland Power Products, we take the process of reconditioning our used Cyclone Rakes very seriously to ensure they meet our high standards of quality and reliability. Here are the steps we take to recondition and certify our Cyclone Rakes:

    • Inspection: When a used Cyclone Rake is returned to us, it undergoes a thorough inspection to assess its overall condition and identify any issues or necessary part replacements.
    • Cleaning: The Cyclone Rake is then cleaned to ensure that it is free of any debris.
    • Repair: Any identified issues are repaired, including replacing any parts that are damaged or worn beyond their functional use.
    • Testing: The Cyclone Rake is then tested to ensure that it is functioning properly and meeting our high standards of quality.
    • Certification: Once the Cyclone Rake has been inspected, repaired, and tested, it is certified as a reconditioned unit and is ready to ship to its new owner.

By following this rigorous process, we are offering our customers high-quality Reconditioned Cyclone Rakes at a lower price point, while still providing the same level of performance and reliability as our new units.

Do you have Different Quality Level Categories for Reconditioned Rakes?

No. All our Reconditioned Cyclone Rakes go through the same certification process to ensure you are getting the highest quality product possible.

Can I Return the Reconditioned Cyclone Rake if I don’t like it?

We have a 30-day return policy if the unit is defective, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused, with tags, and in its original packaging. You’ll also need the receipt or proof of purchase.

To start a return, or if you have any questions you can Click Here to contact us. If your return is accepted, we’ll send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. Items sent back to us without first requesting a return will not be accepted.

If I order from Reconditioned Power and Cyclone Rake, will they ship together?

If you place an order through Reconditioned Power and Cyclone Rake, they will not ship together. The parts come from different facilities and will be shipped separately.

How much time and effort will I save?

It will almost certainly save you days or weeks of hard labor every year. For leaf removal, as an example, one person using the Reconditioned Power Cyclone Rake can do the job of a 3-to-5-man landscaping crew with almost no effort at all. There’s no lifting, dragging, or bagging to worry about. And the debris is mulched so it composts beautifully. It’s far superior to other kinds of leaf equipment, such as a leaf blower or grass catcher.

Will it work with my garden tractor or ZTR mower?

First, you will need a riding mower/tractor to use the Reconditioned Cyclone Rake.

The Cyclone Rake will fit just about any tractor or riding mower, even ZTRs, as long as the mower deck discharge is on the right-hand side (as seen from the driver’s seat). Remember, we custom-fit every Reconditioned Cyclone Rake to your specific tractor which ensures maximum collection power and performance. If you have any questions about the connection to your tractor, let us know and we’ll be happy to check. 

Is it just for leaf removal?

The Reconditioned Cyclone Rake is terrific for year-round lawn and property care, not just for leaf collection. In spring and summer, it will sweep your lawns almost carpet-clean and eliminate 90% or more of the weed seeds that mowers just scatter around. Plus, you’ll be able to mow huge areas without stopping to unload. You can clear overgrown fields and off-lawn areas too. The Reconditioned Cyclone Rake will work for any debris that’s safe for your mower blades.

Do my mower blades need to be running?

Yes, the blades on your mower will need to be running while the Reconditioned Cyclone Rake is in operation. For maximum pickup, you may want to use high lift blades to provide optimal lift in conjunction with the Reconditioned Cyclone Rake vacuum system. The only time the blades would not be running is if you are using the Power Vacuum Pick Up, Estate Vacuum, or Power Unloader accessories.

Will it mulch?

The Cyclone Rake does it all and provides another level of breaking down debris after your mower blades do the initial lifting and cutting. The patented Miracle Impeller creates 10 times the lifting power of most mowers to vacuum and breakdown debris.

Military Discount

It’s always a pleasure to support the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve, in our military service and as first responders. We thank you for your commitment to our great country and are proud to offer a special discount for those who qualify. Please call 888-531-7253 to place your Reconditioned Cyclone Rake Bundle or Parts order.